Office Expansion

Very exciting news here at Elmet today, our new library and study room is finally completed!


We are very pleased to have this new designated library space in addition to the Elmet office. We have books covering the prehistory (this includes the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age), Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, and both Medieval and Post Medieval periods.


We also have books on local, world and British history and archaeology, a range of student support, as well as a selection of general miscellany, which covers everything from the kitchen witch to great inventions! In addition to this we also stock a variety of Hull university course packs from the part time archaeology BA course.


We have also provided a study and work area with large desks and lots of seating for people to use as they work in the library.


This space is open to everyone, so be sure to come and take a look!